Five days in New York – Itinerary for a family trip PART 3

1- Ground Zero - WTC Memorial 2- One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)3- New York City Hall4- Brooklyn Bridge5- D.U.M.B.O.6- Trinity Church7- Wall Street8- Staten Island Ferry and Statue of Liberty9- Katz's DelicatessenOn our third day, we drove to the most southern part of Manhattan and start with something that raises recent pains around the world, namely leaving on the subway next to Ground Zero - WTC Memorial.
Ground Zero - WTC Memorial
This memorial of the World Trade Center, in memory of the victims of 9/11, is beautifully done, beautiful, and a form of demonstration of unique respect in the world. It is located in the place where the Twin Towers used to be, and it is incredible to go through that space and feel the enormous respect for the weight of recent history. A beautiful place but that leaves the open heartache of innocent people who lost their lives on 9/11.
Besides the WTC Memorial, there is also the National Museum of September 11, which we did not visit. If y…

Five days in New York – Itinerary for a family trip PART 2

Our Itinerary1- Madison Avenue e Chrysler Building2- Columbus Circle and Trump International Hotel and Tower New York3- Dakota Building and Strawberry Fields4- American Museum of Natural History of New York5- Lunch at Shake Shack6- Central Park7- The Solomon Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts8- Grand Central TerminalFor our second day, we had booked for our son a huge surprise. Well, it was not surprising, because she already knew what we were going to, but it was for him without doubt the main reason to come to America, we refer to our visit to the American Museum of Natural History of New York.
To make this visit, we woke up very early, something easier due to the time difference with Europe, which naturally led us to wake up very early.
So, after we had our breakfast, we walked to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. From our hotel to the Museum were about 4 kms walk but, what we wanted was to even walk the streets of New York as it was what we loved…

Five days in New York - Itinerary for a family trip PART 1

Traveling to North America was always a dream, and the greatest of all dreams was to visit the Big Apple, New York. When we get the chance to do it, we reserved 6 nights to this family trip, which corresponded to 5 full days.
New York is huge and full of attractions, so this trip required a lot of planning and organization. As we travel as a family, we always try to organize our trips a little, so that we can get to know our destination to the fullest, and also make the trip as pleasant as possible for our son.
To make the most of our time, we did an exhaustive hotel search so that we were well located and not too expensive. Of course, talking about extremely expensive hotel is always difficult when it comes to New York, because it is generally a city with high prices.
After extensive research, we chose to stay at the NH New York Jolly Madison Towers Hotel, East 38th Street, New York, NY, USA (you can see it HERE on tripadvisor page). We were very pleased with our choice. Although we cho…